Amicable Society Trust is in the building stages
of creating a local currency in Texarkana!

About Us

Led by Andrew Doughty, the trustee, Amicable Society is a private trust that issues its own money to be used by cities or counties to add real wealth to their community.

In 1706, the social safety net in England was minimal at best. You had to rely on your neighbors and friends if trouble came your way or you were out of luck. To remedy that problem the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office was established in London to allow the people of England to support each other through a novel idea known as mutual insurance.

Today, we have come nearly full-circle. Insurance is everywhere to protect our stuff, our fortunes, and even our lives, but we have lost the connection with our neighbors to take care of each other in time of need. With profit-seeking insurance companies increasingly becoming part of the problem rather than the solution, it's time for a fresh start in the mutual assurance arena. Today Amicable Society is starting a new movement of people helping their neighbors through local money to restore a human safety net that has eroded over time. 

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What We Do

We believe that if people had a better tool to facilitate commerce, in addition to the national currency, that they would use it to make their home area a better, wealthier place to live.

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Get Involved

Amicable Society is not open for membership, but you can get involved by using the currency where it already exists, or by requesting Amicable Society to assist in the setup of a local currency in your area.